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          About Us

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          Management System Certifications 

          · ISO-9001 Quality Management

          · ISO-14001 Environment Management

          · QC080000 Hazardous Article Control

          · ANSI/ESD20.20 ESD Protection Management

          Standard management system certification to ensure product quality and comply with national laws and regulations of most countries in the world.

          Customer Audits 

          · Wal-Mart Audit

          · Foxconn Audit

          · BSCI Audit

          Standard factory management system,  many well-known enterprises and industrial audits are certified.

          Quality Control

          · Quality Control Process: It covers the whole process of quality control from Customer Demand→Product Design→DFMEA→PFMEA→Manufacturing;

          · Complaint Handling Process: Gospower set up a complete system from Complaints Acceptance→Corrective and Preventive Actions→Regular FMEA/SPVR→Quality System Improvement;

          · Investigation on Customer Satisfaction: Regularly investigate customers' satisfaction, and improve our system and the service for customer  according to the result.

          Quality Assurance Laboratory

          QA laboratory may test the reability, package protection, constant temperature and humidity environment, antiflaming, material experiment, product life of mass production.